Few things a Beginner Hacker Should Know

Here are few points for beginners to hacking should know and understand….

1. In the beginning stage, most of the beginners search for hacking tools and software. But Here i want to make this clear that no tool and software exists which can hack Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, twitter or any other website or email account in just few clicks. These types of posts on internet are just for attracting visits and spread spams. Most of this type of hacking tools are binded with trojans which leads your system at risk. The recent example is Anonymous LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) tool which is used to hack members to use their system in criminal activities.

2. Never use any premium keylogger which is available free on filehosting websites. Hackers always host this type of tool with Trojans. After installing this type of keyloggers, you will be hacked and hence a victim of those hackers.

3. Never pay for hacking on the websites which are asking money in return of hacking. If you want to pay for any hacking book, tool or other kit, pay only on the trusted websites.

4. Join any good hacking forum and learn new things from the experts. Never follow a person just for his claims. Always follow a person who has real knowledge. Adding hacker word is not going to make anyone hacker. There are many Javascript pranks and online websites are available which are used to create fake screenshot and defacing pages. These are used by many noobs to create some fake hacking screenshot to share on Facebook. And beginners follow them thinking as a hacker.

5. Learn Programming languages and networking. These are must to be a hacker. Most of the hacking attacks such as SQL injection, PHP injection,RAT, XSS(Cross Site Scripting), Phishing and many other needs the knowledge of all these programming languages.

6. Hacker is not the person who use keyloggers for hacking email ids and deface low secure innocent websites. Hacker is the person with indepth knowledge of computer who can create his own exploits to hack in the secure systems and servers. hacker is the person who is ready to take challenges. You may heard the name of many hacking groups who deface innocent websites just for fame. I think they are nothing just a noob. Hacking a school website or a shop website is not going to make you a hacker.

7. Phishing, is probably one of the easiest way to fool others and hack them,  provided one has a good knowledge of cookies and few other things. But this isn’t a safe method to deploy, as one can easily be caught in doing so. Hence, be careful if u plan to do something like this….!!